Are you ready to live your best life?


It’s time to ghent fit, norfolk!

At Ghent Fit Norfolk we change our clients’ lives with expert 1 on 1 personal training and customized nutrition counseling in your own private training room. We know that when you are at your optimal health, you are free to live your best life. If you, like so many of us, have bounced between gyms, tried dozens of programs and classes, and followed every fad diet in the book with no long-term success you’ve come to the right place. Your goals are our top priority!


Why gfn?

Ghent Fit Norfolk is not your typical gym. Each of our professional personal trainers have obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in a fitness related field in addition to their nationally accredited Personal Trainer Certifications. Our experienced, professional trainers are dedicated to each and every client, providing a customized and valuable experience for all.