Nutrition counseling


Nutrition plays a powerful role in all areas of health and wellness. However we understand that making nutritional adjustments to support a healthy lifestyle is no easy task. Sifting through conflicting information online, battling cravings, and trying to figure out where to even begin can be daunting!

Our nutrition counseling always caters to the individual. Instead of throwing a generic meal plan at you, we will work with you to discover what your ideal healthy eating pattern looks like. We pride ourselves on being thorough and taking the whole body into account. Genetics, biofeedback, hormones, lifestyle habits, environment, medical history, day-to-day routines, preferences, and activity are just some examples of what is taken into account when our Nutritionist works with you.

We prioritizing providing only responsible counseling tethered to nutritional science and psychology. So much so, that we have taken the time to create our own curriculum! By the time you are done working with our Nutritionist, you will feel your best, and feel confident in your knowledge to continue making positive choices for years to come!