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Our expert knowledge-base allows us to tackle each client’s individual needs head-on for the best outcome. The clients we serve are diverse with unique goals and obstacles. At some point in life we will all have something that challenges our ability to be healthy: an accident, sports injury, chronic condition, pain, or the frustration that comes along with weight loss. Whatever your obstacle may be, we run towards it, drill down the root cause, and address it. Whether that problem is due to mobility, muscular imbalance, poor technique, injury, or diet, we’ve seen it all. Our clients come to us looking for positive change, and we help them take charge of their health. We will do the same for you!

Our programming caters to:

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Sustainable Weight Loss

Whether you are trying to lose weight or keep it off, we understand how frustrating it can be! Our goal is to help make weight loss less daunting, and equip you with tools and strategies so that you can achieve sustainable results. Together we will problem solve to help you overcome obstacles, address behaviors that may be holding you back, and pinpoint the unique formula for your success!

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Pain Management

Chronic pain robs so many people of their best life. Our chief concern as a staff is to help manage the symptoms of these debilitating conditions that many of our clients suffer from. Proper exercise is one of the most effective ways of reducing chronic pain! Whether you suffer from shoulder tension, joint, lower back, neck, or pain from an old injury, we can help restore joy back into your life. Seeing our clients experience dramatic decreases in pain is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do.

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Quality of Life

When incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, exercise plays a critical role in improving quality of life. Research shows that when exercise is applied properly, we see significant improvements in mental health, mood, creativity, focus, mobility, ease of movement, chronic pain, strength, posture, and energy. Let us help you bring balance back into your life!



We all know that feeling of walking into a packed gym, overwhelmed by the equipment and people, not knowing what to do, and feeling deflated. Our private training rooms offer an encouraging atmosphere that enables you to enjoy your workouts as you progress. You will become more confident in your own fitness knowledge-base so you can flourish while in the gym. Outside of the gym, you’re going to love how you look, and feel more confident in all that you do.


Busy People

Whether you are a parent, working professional, student, or all of the above, we understand that your time is valuable. To overcome one of the most common obstacles in fitness - lack of time - we prioritize making the most out of each workout. Our private training rooms allow for uninterrupted, efficient sessions. Combined with our trainer’s flexibility in scheduling, we have no doubt that you will be able to fit your workouts in and achieve your goals - no matter how busy your schedule!

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Whether you are a high school student thinking about college sports, a Division 1 athlete, making the jump to the professionals, or just want to step up your game, we have experience with it all. We incorporate strategic programming, sport-specific movement, functional training, conditioning, and injury prevention with our athletes. To optimize all of your hard work in the gym and on the field, we also provide sports nutrition counseling to help you stand out from your competition.



Good mobility impacts balance, the ability to perform day-to-day tasks, and move around with confidence and autonomy. Dysfunction in mobility is the cause of many instances of chronic pain, injuries, and makes it much more difficult to be active as we age. While improving strength and general fitness is always a priority, enabling our clients to safely and comfortably improve range of motion is the most important.


United States Military

Norfolk is a military community, and we prioritize giving back to those who sacrifice so much for us. We’ve help clients prepare for bootcamp, improve their PRT score, and meet the physical requirements for government agencies.

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Work Performance

For many jobs physical fitness goes hand-in-hand with work performance. It has been proven that exercise improves cognitive function and quality of work. So even if you work at a desk, you can accomplish more, boost creativity, diminish aches and pains, and think more clearly.


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